The Healthcare Dilemma – Could it Be Solved by a 5 Year Old?

The aftermath continues of the healthcare reform bill passed earlier this year. Proponents are telling the general public to “wait and see” – it is going to be what this country needs. Opponents continue to predict doom upon the existing healthcare system of this great nation.What is going to actually happen? I honestly have no idea. First, I haven’t studied the plan in great detail to intelligently comment on the bill itself. Second, the healthcare system is a super complex one that is further pushed, pulled, prodded and stretched by the powerful medical and insurance industries, dual-minded politicians (money & remaining in office) and other pork barrel politics.

However, when I read articles like this one I can’t help but wonder about the amount of innovation (or lack thereof) that went into the writing of this bill. Companies who provide full healthcare benefits packages may actually save money by dropping coverage and paying penalties to the government. Are you kidding me? Please say it isn’t so.The lack of a holistic and innovative approach is more than evident in this situation. I watch daily as the minds of my children whirr with excitement and creative thought. Political paradigms and other constraints on their thoughts and actions are non-existent in children. In fact, many psychologists will say that human creativity peaks at around 5 years of age. After 5 years old, innate creativity begins to be spun, chopped, and dismantled by societal influences.

I’m not arguing one way or another regarding the effectiveness of the healthcare reform bill. What concerns me is that an innovative approach is the only hope in solving such a complex dilemma. Unfortunately, the last time I had checked I didn’t see any 5-year-old politicians voting on the bill.